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  • Calme ta Joie
    Crisp and sweet malt with a slight bitterness and a lingering taste in the mouth. A beer to enjoy quietly while staying up late!
  • Coup de Vieux
    “India Pale Ale (IPA)” inspiration. It feels good where it hurts!
  • Flammèche
    Alcool: 8.5% Type: The brewer inspiration Particularity: Smoked malt beer Eyes: Blonde veiled Nose: Smoke, peat, cookie, alcohol Taste: Strong presence of smoked malt, well balanced with its alcohol and its own bitterness This beer was created on April 11th, 2007. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (Two Rows malt, Peated malt, Biscuit […]
  • L’Amère Veilleuse
    A beer with a long lasting resinous bitterness…
  • L’Ange-Gardien
    A Hefe Weizen (Germany) inspiration that presents itself with the freshness of wheat, a subtle taste of banana due to the yeast and typical to a Weizen and a finish of hops.
  • L’Ensorceleuse
    This beer was created for our wedding and offered to our guests for the occasion. Unctuous, honeyed, malty and spicy; to share our happiness with you!
  • La Bariteau
    This beer is named in honor of an ancestor of my wife; Louis Bariteau dit Lamarche, who arrived in New France on June 19th 1665. He was a soldier in the Company of Sieur de Chambly, in the Carignan regiment.
  • La Bedaine
    Soft, a bit honeyed and fruity, malt flavor supported by the bitterness of the hops, this beer offers a nice transition towards the discovery of craft beers.
  • La Bière de l’Homme qui a vu l’Ours
    Alcohol: 7% Type: Brewer’s inspiration Particularity: Brewed with buckwheat and buckwheat honey Eyes: Dark brown Nose: Buckwheat honey Taste: Rich, nice aroma of buckwheat cereal enhanced by the buckwheat honey.  A lighter final of roasted grains with a sweet bitterness. [/beer] This beer was created on June 8th, 2007. It is composed of 6 varieties […]
  • La Brindille d’automne
    A beer with real strawberries! “La Brindille” is the affectionate nickname given by my father to my mother. When strawberry season arrives, be sure to find “The Twig” in the strawberry patch!
  • La Dernière Brosse
    Liquorous, smooth, alcoholic, with flavors of chocolate, coffee and roasted beans with aromas of black cherries: an excellent Stout to feel good at any time!
  • La Mentheuse
    This beer was born out of a sudden inspiration at the home brewing equipment store.  Since then, it has never ceased to exist! Beware! It lives up to its name!
  • La Noix de Marmotte
    Aromas of nuts, hazelnuts supported by bitterness, this Brown Ale inspiration (England) is tasty and refreshing at the same time.
  • Le Bedon
    It has nothing to do with industrial dark beers with its roasted malts, coffee and chocolate aromas, with a bitterness balanced by the presence of oats, mellow. Initiate yourself to ‘Stout’ type beers!
  • Rêve Impérial – Batch of February 25, 2021
    alcool: 9% Type: Imperial Stout inspiration (England) Eyes: Black, really black! Nose: Espresso coffee, alcohol, roasted malt Taste: Roasted malt, dark chocolate, espresso coffee, sustained by alcohol and bitterness. A powerful and very tasty stout! Batch: February 25, 2021 This beer was created on April 7, 2007. It is composed of 8 varieties of cereals […]
  • Ti-Boss des bécosses
    An IPA accessible to all !
  • Valse à quatre temps
    Take one step forward and let the cereal accompany you. Take another step forward and you’ll see the yeast esters at your side. Then step back to feel the alcohol push you towards the fruit. Do it again and again, waltz with the intoxicating flavors of this “Belgian Blonde”!
  • Voisine d’à côté
    This “Quebec Farmer Season” has been specially brewed to highlight the links between our Quebec producers, our local organic resources and the happiness you hold in your hands.

In Maturation, Coming Soon

  • Hordeum
    Alcohol: 9.5% – Batch of December 19th 2019 Type: Barley Wine inspiration Eyes: Dark reddish-amber Nose: Alcohol, hops, cantaloupe melon, citrus, caramel, malts Taste: Rich, malts, cereals with a bitter finish-hop-alcohol Cereals 2 Rows Malt Munich Malt Caramel Malt Carapils Malt Hops Galena Nugget Fuggle Ingredients Love Water Yeast Brew created on : December 17th, […]
  • La Reyne descosse
    Alcool: 8%  Batch of  December 12th 2019 Type: Scotch Ale inspiration (Scotland) Particularity: Long maturation beer Eyes: Dark ruby Nose: Alcohol, caramel, yeast Taste: Unctuous, syrupy, alcoholized, caramelized The last letter from Mary Stuart Queen of Scotland, written on February 8th, 1587, the eve of her death sentence; it is written in french and addressed […]

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