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  • Double Mamelle
    Alcool: 8% Type: “Double Milk Stout” inspiration Eyes: black Nose: chocolate, mocha, cream, alcohol, roasted Taste: well rounded and comprising a lactose taste with an hint of alcohol. It finishes with dark chocolate aromas and well roasted malt Particularity : contains lactose Cereals Two-row malt Chocolate malt Black malt Munich malt Caramunich malt Roasted barley […]
  • Du Courage
    cold hopped IPA Inspiration. Because everybody needs a little “Courage” !
  • Farfadet
    Alcool: 6% Type: “Irish Chocolate Stout” inspiration Eyes: Black Nose: Chocolate, roasted malt Taste: Chocolaty malt, lightly sweet and roasted Cereals Two-row malt Chocolate malt Black malt Carastan malt Munich malt Hops Kent Golding Ingredients Love Water Yeast Beer created on: January 29, 2014 A Stout that puts you in a teasing mood to celebrate […]
  • Jé encore soif
    refreshing NO ALCOOL beer with cereal notes accompanied by a sweet bitterness
  • L’Agace-Pissette
    “Simply because it tickles your tastes buds” – Refreshing beer with its grain side, its subtly fruity notes and slightly dry finish
  • L’Amère Veilleuse
    A beer with a long lasting resinous bitterness…
  • L’Ange-Gardien
    A Hefe Weizen (Germany) inspiration that presents itself with the freshness of wheat, a subtle taste of banana due to the yeast and typical to a Weizen and a finish of hops.
  • L’Ensorceleuse
    This beer was created for our wedding and offered to our guests for the occasion. Unctuous, honeyed, malty and spicy; to share our happiness with you!
  • La Bariteau
    This beer is named in honor of an ancestor of my wife; Louis Bariteau dit Lamarche, who arrived in New France on June 19th 1665. He was a soldier in the Company of Sieur de Chambly, in the Carignan regiment.
  • La Bedaine
    Soft, a bit honeyed and fruity, malt flavor supported by the bitterness of the hops, this beer offers a nice transition towards the discovery of craft beers.
  • La Dernière Brosse
    Liquorous, smooth, alcoholic, with flavors of chocolate, coffee and roasted beans with aromas of black cherries: an excellent Stout to feel good at any time!
  • La Mentheuse
    This beer was born out of a sudden inspiration at the home brewing equipment store.  Since then, it has never ceased to exist! Beware! It lives up to its name!
  • La Noix de Marmotte
    Aromas of nuts, hazelnuts supported by bitterness, this Brown Ale inspiration (England) is tasty and refreshing at the same time.
  • La Reyne descosse – Batch of November 17, 2021
    The secret of good Scotch Ale is in its aging.  A good comforting beer and one of your brewer favorite!
  • La Tarte
    Alcool: 7% Type: The brewers’ autumn moods inspiration Eyes: Blond, brownish tinted Nose: Cold apple pie, alcohol Taste: Beer and cider, syrupy and comforting. Oats balance the apples’ acidity and spices enhances alcohol. Particularity: beer with apple’s must and spices. Cereals Two rows malt Extra special bitter malt Vienna malt Carastan malt Malted Oat Hops […]
  • Le Bedon
    It has nothing to do with industrial dark beers with its roasted malts, coffee and chocolate aromas, with a bitterness balanced by the presence of oats, mellow. Initiate yourself to ‘Stout’ type beers!
  • Rêve Impérial – Batch of December 9, 2021
    An Imperial Stout inspiration (England). A man’s beer, for real! And also appreciated by women!

In Maturation, Coming Soon

  • Calme ta Joie
    Crisp and sweet malt with a slight bitterness and a lingering taste in the mouth. A beer to enjoy quietly while staying up late!
  • Double Personnalité – Batch of December 16, 2021
    Alcohol : 8% Type : “Dubbel” inspiration (Belgium) Eyes : amber-brown Nose : alcohol, raisin, malt Taste : rich and complex with sweet caramel, raisin, fig and roasted biscuit flavours and with a good presence of alcohol accompanied by a sweet bitterness Particularity : long maturation beer Cereals Pilsner malt Carabelge malt Munich malt Aromatic […]
  • Gros Jambon
    Alcool: 6.5% Type : brewer’s inspiration Particularity : smoked cherry wood malt Eyes : red-amber Nose : dominant smoked cherry, subtle malt and hop Taste : light caramel taste, followed by a rye and smoky aroma ending with a bacon and hoppy after taste This beer was created on February 12th 2016. It is composed […]
  • La Sucette
    Alcool: 8% Type: Sugaring season inspiration Eyes: Maple syrup color Nose: Alcohol, maple, malt Taste: Good alcohol presence, unctuous, subtle maple taste, nice balance between its sweet and alcoholic side Particularity: Maple syrup fermented beer, whit maple syrup from Chambly-Carignan Cereals Two-row malt Carastan malt Toasted wheat Hops Northern Brewer Hallertau Tradition Ingredients Love Water […]
  • Le Rubis de la Rousse
    Alcool: 5.5% Type: Irish Red Ale inspiration. Eyes: Ruby red. Nose: Barley sugar, caramel, malt, alcohol. Taste: Little taste of barley sugar on the tongue’s tip,  long aftertaste slightly roasted and sweetly bitter. This beer was created on December 11th 2014. It is composed of 5 varieties of cereals (2 row malt, Carared malt, Crystal […]

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