La Mamelle

alcool : 5%
Type: Milk Stout inspiration
Particularity: Contains lactose
Eyes: Black
Nose: Chocolate, mocha, cream, roasted
Taste: Smooth, creamy, lactose taste with chocolate roasted malts

This beer was created on July 5th 2013. It is composed of 7 varieties of cereals, 2 varieties of hops and it contains lactose.

It was brewed the first time with Jeff Boudreault, the spokesperson for the event ¨Bières et Saveurs¨. He bribed Bedondaine to revive the brewing of a beer.

«Historically… at least, that is what beer lovers like to say, the “Milk Stout” type of beer is a fantastic drink for new moms and mothers to be. Since this beer is brewed with a lactose base, it helped the production of maternal milk!

A soft and refreshing treat that will surely quench your thirst. A comforting drink, made to drink greedily in good company. In other words, beer made to suckle enthusiastically!»
Jeff 🙂