Vas-y Molau

Alcohol : 3.5%.
Type : “Mild” inspiration (England)
Specialty : brewed with apprentice brewer Laurence.
Eyes : Cashew-brown.
Nose : hazelnut, roasted, candied fruit.
Taste : malted beer with complex biscuit, hazelnut and candied fruit flavours with a drier toast finish and a very slight bitterness.

This beer is part of the “apprentice-brewers” series of beers for our waitresses and servers. It was brewed with Laurence. The whole team was invited to let themselves be inspired by a particular style of beer or aromas. Each and everyone has the privilege of brewing their beer from A to Z with the brewer who has specially developed a recipe, and to give it his or her name.

This beer was created on January 23, 2019. It is composed of 6 varieties of cereals (malt extra special bitter, malt golden promise, carastan malt, chocolate malt, roasted barley, malted wheat) and 1 variety of hops (kent golding).

“A perfect beer to prolong the pleasure! “