La Bière de l’Homme qui a vu l’Ours

Alcohol: 7%
Type: Brewer’s inspiration
Particularity: Brewed with buckwheat and buckwheat honey
Eyes: Dark brown
Nose: Buckwheat honey
Taste: Rich, nice aroma of buckwheat cereal enhanced by the buckwheat honey.  A lighter final of roasted grains with a sweet bitterness.

This beer was created on June 8th, 2007. It is composed of 6 varieties of cereals (2 rows malt, toasted Buckwheat, Munich malt, toasted Wheat, roasted Barley, Chocolate malt), 2 varieties of hops (Northern Brewer, Mount Hood) and buckwheat honey.

Without fear or anxiety, search for it, it is somewhere around. Who that has seen… that has drunk this beautiful brown beer.  Thus, you will also be able to shout it !