La Livreuil

alcool: 6%
Type: An India Pale Ale Inspiration
Particularity: Brewed with the King of liars
Eyes: Amber
Nose: Hops, malts, citrus
Taste: Herbaceous hops, malts, caramel, citrus, alcohol and a very strong bitterness

This beer was created on January 15th 2014. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals and 6 varieties of hops and includes a large quantity of hops’ buds. It was specially created for our Event 5.5.5

La Livreuil is an India Pale Ale which is a type of beer Éric Michaud is particularly fond of. For this occasion, the King of liars had his hands on the paddle and even added a special secret aphrodisiac ingredient.

You will have to open your mouth and your ears to discover the whole story.