Oestrus – October 24 2018 batch

Alcohol: 9%
Type: life cycle inspiration, “Belgian Quadruple”
Eyes: mahogany
Nose: alcohol, oak barrel, toffee, vanilla
Taste: barley sugar, woody, alcohol, vanilla, barrel of rye whiskey
Particularity: matured in an oak barrel of Rye Whiskey, beer of long maturation


  • 2 rows malt
  • Munich malt
  • Aromatic malt
  • Biscuit malt
  • SpecialB malt
  • Chocolat malt
  • Malted wheat
  • Grilled wheat

  • Nugget
  • Mount Hood

  • Love
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Candi sugar

Beer creation: November 11, 2020

This is Le Collier de Vénus beer at a very specific moment in its maturation and in close association with a barrel of rye-whiskey.

Oestrus: time when the woman in period of ovulation is characterized by a receptivity, a fury, a desire, a passion, a state of sexual arousal and which seeks the connection.