Ma Bière d’épinette

alcool: 7%
Type: The apprentice brewer dad Denys’ inspiration
Particularity: Brewed with spruce young seedlings directly harvested from the tree
Eyes: Amber with green reflections
Nose: Spruce
Taste:Spruce, beautiful roundness and malts’ softness powerfully built on by alcohol

This beer is the 12th in the “beer-brewers apprentices” series. It was created on July 5th, 2007 and brewed with my dad Denys. And… he cut himself the seedlings! It is composed of five varieties of cereals (Two Rows malt, Vienna Malt, Honey malt, malted Wheat, toasted Wheat), a variety of hops (Perle) and flavored with alot of spruce seedlings.

To drink for healthy teeth, healthy gums and it offers the best protection against scurvy!