alcool: 5%
Type: Irish Red Ale inspiration (Ireland)
Particularity: Brewed by Stephanie, our "Bedon Rond"
Eyes: Amber-reddish
Nose: Malty, fruity
Taste: Slight taste of caramel, low bitterness, thirst-quenching [/beer]

This beer is the 9th of the “beer-brewers apprentices” series of our team. It was created on November 23rd, 2006. It is composed of seven varieties of cereals and two varieties of hops.

A beer in tribute to the great-grandma Irish "Camden" to whom Bedondaine owes its “Barbe Rousse”! May be the mystical world of the Gaels has placed Bedondaine on my path and so I became enamoured of it. The Irish Red Ale that he offered me on a holiday was enough to fall in love with his passion… I owe to Ireland my introduction into the world of beer.