Type: Extra Bitter Stout inspiration
Particularity: Brewed with Sébastien, our waiter
Eyes:Black like the… of a bear
Nose:Floral hops, roast, roasted malt

Taste:Black coffee, roasted malts, persistent hop aftertaste[/beer]

This beer is part of our series of “apprentices-brewers” of our waitresses and waiters. It was brewed with Sébastien.

All members of the team were invited to let themselves being inspired by a style of beer or specific aromas. Each and everyone have the privilege to brew its beer from A to Z with the brewer who has specially developed a recipe that will bear the apprentice’s name.

This beer was created on December 20th, 2011. It is composed of seven varieties of grain and 3 varieties of hops.

A nice and cute Stout, just right harsh! To discover in all its depth …