La Grande Traversée

alcool: 7.5%
Type: Indian Pale Ale inspiration (England)
Particularity: 100 minutes, 8 additions of hops and dry-hopping
Eyes: Amber red
Nose: Hop, alcohol, citrus fruit, malt
Taste: Persistent bitterness like a long journey enhanced by malts and a well supported sweetness through emanation of alcohol[/beer]

This beer was created on May 6th, 2009. It is composed of five varieties of cereals and two varieties of hops. This wort reached boiling point within 100 minutes with 8 additions of hops and dry-hopping in maturation tank.

For this brew, I invited Steve Cimon to attend our brewing day, he was our first visitor ever (April 10, 2005) that had the chance to taste our first beer ever!

Indian Pale Ale (IPA), the type of beer that Steve especially likes.

Long life to us and have a good ‘’passage’’!

A pleasing change for the “Pale Ale” type!