Mamie Cadie

Alcohol : 6%
Type : Jeff’s inspiration, White IPA
Particularity : brewed with Jeff Boudreault, spokesperson for
festival ¨Bières et Saveurs¨
Eyes : yellowish-white
Nose: hops, wheat, lightly fruity
Taste : hoppy wheat beer with a comforting bitterness

This beer was created on July 27th 2016. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (2 rows malt, victory malt,
wheat malt, roasted wheat) and 2 varieties of hops (cascade, hüll melon). “Mamie Cadie” was also dry hopped with the same hops. It was brewed for the 15th edition of ¨Bières et Saveurs¨ 2016 at Chambly. A special cask version was also made to celebrate Jeff’s 10th year as spokesperson.

« An elegant white head with a comforting dress. She seems sweet and subtle, comforting like knitted wooly socks or homemade stew, underneath hides an explosive attitude with an assertive bitterness. Yes, my friends, don’t fool around with her for you shall be surprised! If you disrespect her, she will give you a solid smack on the back of the head that you will never forget.
(I put a toilet paper roll in the dryer with some wet clothes when I was 10…..
I can still feel her hand on the the back of my head.)»

Here is my beautiful white with caracter.
To you, wherever you Grandma Léocadie !

Jeff XXX