[beer]beer-image: https://bedondaine.com/images/melixir_320x285.png
alcool: 6%
Type: The "apprentice-brewer" Melanie inspiration
Particularity: Root ginger beer
Eyes: Amber pale
Nose: Ginger
Taste: Ginger, slightly spicy with a lemon twist, refreshing, nice balance between malts, ginger and alcohol[/beer]

This beer is the 8th in a series of “apprentices-brewers” of our waitresses and servers. It was brewed with Melanie, our manager. All members of the team were invited to let themselves being inspired by a style of beer or specific aromas. Each and everyone have the privilege to brew its beer from A to Z with the brewer who has specially developed a recipe that will bear the apprentice’s name.

This beer was created on November 23rd, 2006.

It is composed of four varieties of cereals, a variety of hop and ginger roots.

Some people are saying that this elixir would have aphrodisiac powers!