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  • End of Prestige gift sets
    Effective immediately. Prestige gift cards are no longer accepted.
  • Fredelemele
    Carte blanche to the brewer apprentice Frédéric. A pale amber beer brewed as a low fermentation “Lager”
  • Démon du midi
    A beer with temptations of a sensual nature that hit you at once with notes of malt, hops, conifer and hints of lemon. Leaves a refreshing and slightly resinous bitterness.
  • Bijoux de famille
    This amber beer with dates and wildflower honey was specially created for the 18 years of Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds
  • 18th Anniversary
    I’m a big kid now! Beer Family Jewels – Cask Party Cake – Outdoor Bar – Music
  • St-Patrick – March 17
    Irish music and theme Come celebrate with us! Show your Irish colors and get discounts

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