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  • Jouvencelle
    Wheat beer 7% – Brewed with real catherinettes and wildflower honey. The catherinette is a little-known small fruit native to Quebec.
  • De fil en aiguille
    blonde – 4.5% A thirst-quenching “Lager blonde” style beer (Germany) whose aromas follow one another from nose to mouth!
  • Pelote de laine
    Amber – 5%. A refreshing Polotmavý Lager (Czech Republic) with a taste of caramel malt and herbaceous hops to balance it all out.
  • End of Prestige gift sets
    Effective immediately. Prestige gift cards are no longer accepted.
  • Fredelemele
    Pale Amber – 4.5%. Carte blanche to the brewer apprentice Frédéric. A pale amber beer brewed as a low fermentation “Lager”
  • Démon du midi
    A beer with temptations of a sensual nature that hit you at once with notes of malt, hops, conifer and hints of lemon. Leaves a refreshing and slightly resinous bitterness.

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