Alcohol: 9%
Type: A Belgium Tripel inspiration
Eyes: Golden blonde,
Nose: Fruity, apricot, spices, alcohol
Taste: Honeyed fruity, vapored alcohol, light taste of spice (cilantro), complex esters of yeast filled with flavors, light bitterness in the end with a sensation of alcohol.

This beer was created on March 13th 2015.
It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (Pilsner malt, Cookie malt, malted Wheat, Aromatic malt), 1 variety of hops  (Saaz) and spices (Orange bark and Cilantro seeds).

in cervisia veritas (The truth is in beer)
nunc est bibendum (Now is the time to drink)
hoc erat in voti (That is what I desired)
ad gloriam (For the glory)