Belly Filler…

Have fun accompanying your beer with our grub!*!

* Not being a restaurant, our products are available while supplies last!
** Allergies warning. May contain or have come in contact with nuts!

Panini Sandwich

Grilled, served with the “rabbit salad” and dressing

Artichoke hearts
Artichoke hearts, pesto, mayonnaise, tomato paste, parmigiano, mozzarella and fresh basil

Le Beef
Roast beef, pepper sauce, red onions, Brie cheese

The Pear *
Pear, walnuts, Brie cheese, spinaches, maple syrup

All Fresh, Served with whole pickle and mayonnaise or mustard

Sausage and “Noix de Marmotte” sauerkraut
Sausage availability changes depending of the tenant mood. Ask for the current selection !

Smoked Meat
Old fashion marinated beef, naturally smoked

Deluxe Nachos

Dip and option between nachos or home made bread (Cream cheese, yogurt, salsa, mozzarella, black olives and fresh cilantro)

Terrines Plate

3 terrines with artisanal bread (Terrines’ selection depends on the tenant’s mood. Ask for the current selection!)


  • Greek Kalamata Olives
  • Gendarme (dried and smoked salami)
  • Tortillon (salted cheese)
  • Nut mix*
  • Bruschetta croutons
  • Pie dish croutons
  • Chocolats (Heyez) trio


  • Beers (see our beers brewed on site section)
  • “Cœur à tout” cider (Michel Jodoin) 7%, 355 ml
  • “The Alternative” (half white beer “L’Ange-Gardien” and half orange juice)
  • Scotchs Single Malt (more than 170)
  • Saint-Justin (carbonated natural mineral water)
  • Juice (Orange or Cranberry)
  • Soft Drinks
  • “Bodum” Coffee

Currently on Tap…

Try-them-all tasting platter

Use our small glasses (5 onces) to get a chance to try all our home-brewed beers.