The Beer Growlers!

CHOICE : ready-to-go growlers according to availabilities at the brouepub
RECOVERY: Simply go to the brouepub according to our jug recovery schedule. Limited quantities. First come, first served.
FORMAT: 1 litre
STORAGE: keep cold in the fridge.
BEST BEFORE: 30 days after filling date.
TASTING TEMPERATURE: take out 30 minutes before tasting for maximum flavour.
* Consume all once opened for maximum freshness.
DEPOSIT: 4$ each, payable 1 time
CLEANING: To avoid unpleasant odours and small flies during storage and to help us clean and reuse, please rinse the jug several times in hot water until there is no more odour and let it dry completely upside down. Thanks for realising that the craftsman is not a machine!
* We reserve the right to refuse to return the deposit if the growler is improperly cleaned or damaged.

The growler is a fresh beer format to take away directly from the brewery for quick consumption. It is also environmentally friendly due to its multiple reuse.

You can’t bring your own containers, it’s the law. You must use ours that we have sterilized beforehand.
You can’t bring them in another pub.
There’s a shortage in everything, so bring it back to Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds.

In this time of pandemic, rest assured that this GROWLER has been handled and filled with all the necessary precautions.
All our beers are unfiltered, a natural deposit could form. Our manual back pressure filling system allows us to maximize quality but remember that nothing beats a good cask beer tasted directly on site.

Thank you for encouraging us!