La Mentheuse

Alcool: 7%
Type: Brewer`s inspiration
Particularity: Mint leaves, Juniper berries, Rye
Eyes: Amber
Nose: Mint, Juniper berries
Taste: Refreshing, Mint, spicy and a dry finale that urge you to dip your lips again!

This beer was created on February 20th, 2000. It is composed of six varieties of cereals (malted Rye, Two rows malt, Munich malt, Vienna malt, Carastan malt, toasted Wheat),  a variety of hops (Northern Brewer) and herbs & spices. Fresh Mint leaves are always used. This out of the box beer offers a delightful blend of spices and malts. This beer was born from a sudden inspiration at the brewing equipment store.  An enchanting discovery that suits its name.