Coït Interrompu

alcool: 4%
Type: Ice IPA
Particularity: Light ice beer using dry hopping process. First recipe by Olivier, our apprentice-brewer.
Eyes: Pale colour lightly veiled.
Nose: Intense hops flowers.
Taste: Floral-fruity-herbaceous hops, light body, a coniferous bitter after-taste with a light rye presence.

This beer was created on November 13th 2014. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (2 rows malt, Munich malt, Carastan malt and Rye) and 1 variety of hops (Belma).

Life is full of surprises! An ice IPA session. A light beer with character. During filling, she decided to take control and cooled our eagerness by freezing the beer in the fermenter allowing it to condense even more. Stay focused!