La Miche

Alcool : 6%
Type : “rustic hoppy farmhouse ale” inspiration
Particularity : brewed with our apprentice brewer Marie-Michelle
Eyes : slightly cloudy blond
Nose: hops, rustic grains, yeast, alcohol
Taste : fruity, herbaceous and citrus hops with a dry rye and buckwheat aftertaste. A signature farmhouse ale yeast with a resinous bitterness.

This beer is part of the waiters’ and waitresses’ apprentice brewer series. It was brewed with Marie-Michelle. Every member of our working team was invited to let themselves be inspired by a style of beer or specific aromas. Each and everyone have the privilege to name and brew his or her beer from A to Z with the brewer who has developed a special recipe.

This beer was created on May 15th 2017. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (2 row malt, rye, buckwheat, oat) and 2 varieties of hops (mosaic, hull melon).

« Through this beer, you will visit my favourite country Belgium, while staying here. Cheers ! »

– Marie-Miche