Chatouille la Luette

alcool : 7 %
Type: A father-daughter inspiration
Particularity: Made with real raspberries and spring flowers honey. Brewed with my daughter Myriam
Eyes: Pinkish and veiled
Nose: Raspberry, honey
Taste: Round, soft and refreshing. Strong taste of the raspberries and slight acidity soften by the honey. Somewhat dry final.

This beer is the third father-daughter creation.
It was created on July 16th 2014.
It is composed of 3 varieties of cereals (Two Rows malt, Munich malt, Toasted Wheat),  a variety of hops (Hallertauer Tradition) and it is flavoured with real freshly picked raspberries and spring flowers honey. Flavours Myriam particularly likes.

A limited time offer. Taste it and enjoy it!