La Cure

Alcool: 6%
Type: “Sticke Alt” inspiration (Germany)
Eyes: coppery amber
Nose: slightly spicy-fruity, toasted grains, alcohol
Taste: malty with caramel, spicy and fruity aromas with a nice balance between character malt and the bitterness of hops and a toasty finish and a little drier.

Particularity : beer cure for small and big sores


  • Pilsner malt
  • Carawheat malt
  • Caramunich malt
  • Chocolate malt

  • Hallertau Tradition

  • Love
  • Water
  • Yeast

Beer created on: August 24, 2017

“La Cure” was brewed with lots of positive thoughts. We would like to salute the determination of the fighters and the encouragement of their loved ones during the most difficult times.

To live old (alt), this beer is the secret cure (sticke) which promotes healing!