La Cure

Type : “Sticke Alt” inspiration (Germany)
Particularity : beer cure for small and big sores
Eyes : amber with copper reflections
Nose : malty with caramel, fruity and spicy aromas. Great balance between the malt and the bitterness of hops. Dry finale with hints roasted grains.

“La Cure” was brewed full of positive intentions. With this initiative, we want to show our support for
the afflected and their families. Especially for our friends and family members:
Valérie, Patrice and Roger, Alexandra, Michel, Ginette, Hélène, Francine, Irène, Osias, Gaudias and all the others …

This beer was created on August 24th 2017. It is composed of 4 varieties of cereals (pilsener malt, carawheat malt, caramunich malt, chocolate malt) and 1 variety of hops (hallertauer).

This beer is the secret (sticke) to live a long (alt) and happy life. Prescribed for good recovery !