La Rannoune

alcool : 6.5%
Particularity: Brewed with agave’s syrup by Nancy Rannou, our waitress.
Eyes: Light Amber
Taste: Round and smooth, sweet taste, hoppy and malty.
Nose: Alcohol, agaves, hops with a subtle taste of agave’s syrup nicely supported by the alcohol.

This beer is part of the waiters’ and waitresses’ apprentice brewer series. It was brewed with Nancy. Every member of our working team was invited to let themselves be inspired by a style of beer or specific aromas. Each and everyone have the privilege to name and brew his or her beer from A to Z with the brewer who has developed a special recipe.

This beer was created on May 1st 2013. It is composed of 3 varieties of cereals, 2 varieties of hops and organic blue agave’s syrup.

A beer to discover!