[beer]beer-image: https://bedondaine.com/images/attitude_320x285.png
alcool : 8.5%
Type: Inspired by the internship project of Marilou.
Particularity: Brewed with my daughter Marilou, beer made with real almonds, oat and wild flowers honey
Eyes: Light veiled amber.
Nose: Alcohol, honey, almond
Taste: Smooth, alcoholic, floral and woody with an almond aftertaste.

This beer is the second father-daughter creation. It was created on March 21st. It is composed of 5 varieties of cereals, 1 variety of hops and flavoured with real natural almonds and wild flowers honey, 2 flavours Marilou particularly likes.

It’s the Pub version of a chewy bar snack!

* Warning: This beer contains almonds