Alcohol: 7%
Type: “Brewer’s” inspiration
Eyes: veiled purplish
Nose: fruity dewberries
Taste: good presence of the dewberries with a slight acidity softened by honey and the sweetness of wheat

Particularity: wheat beer brewed with real dewberries and wildflower honey



  • Tow-row malt
  • Malted wheat


  • Mount Hood


  • Love
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Dewberries
  • Wildflowers honey

Beer created: July 19th, 2023

The dewberry is a small indigenous fruit from Quebec. This berry is shaped like a raspberry, the color of a blackberry and the size of a blueberry. Its taste is a bit of a mix of all that. To discover… !

A big thank’s at ¨La Bleuetière de St-Bernard¨ for the harvest of 150 pounds and sorry for your scraped forearms ! :o)