[beer]beer-image: https://bedondaine.com/images/HerbALEXence2.png
alcool: 6%
Type: The beer-brewer apprentice Alex inspiration
Particularity: Gruyt beer, secret blend of herbs (yarrow, sweet woodruff, bay leaves, oregano)
Eyes: Amber, veiled with green reflections
Nose: Dominated by herbs
Taste: Herbs, oak tannins, light bitterness


This beer is the 14th in the “beer-brewers apprentices” series of our waitresses and servers. It was brewed with Alex. All members of the team were invited to let themselves being inspired by a style of beer or specific aromas. Each and everyone have the privilege to brew its beer from A to Z with the brewer who has specially developed a recipe that will bear the apprentice’s name. This beer was created on May 21st, 2008. It is composed of four varieties of cereals and gruyt.

Gruyt is a mixture of herbs and spices used by brewers before the advent of hops in the 13th century. Hop has replaced the mixture of gruyt because it has all the virtues of other herbs: aroma, bitterness, in addition to being a natural agent of conservation.

In this period of hops shortage, it was the perfect opportunity to revisit this very old style and rediscover the spellbinding flavors of gruyt!

Are you ready to taste the beer that your 39th great-grandfather drank?