Démon du midi

Alcohol: 5%
Type: “IPA” inspiration
Eyes: pale amber
Nose: conifers, lemony, malt
Taste: good roundness of malt with a side hoppy with notes of conifers and lemony leaving a refreshing and slightly resinous bitterness

Particularity: 100% Quebec hops “Houblon des Jarrets Noirs”



  • 2 rows malt
  • ESB malt
  • Carastan malt
  • Toasted wheat


  • Crystal
  • Styrian Golding


  • Love
  • Water
  • Yeast

Beer created: March 16, 2023

A beer with temptations of a sensual nature that hits you at once. This ¨Démon du midi¨ knows how to seduce those of mature age as much as the youngest.