Clin d’oeil Stout Launch – Saturday February 4th


Official launch of the collaborative beer between “Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds” and “Lagabière” and the opportunity to taste not one, not two but 8 Stout beers!
A unique day not to be missed this Saturday, February 4th from 1pm!

To celebrate the 10 th anniversary of their microbrewery, the Laganière brothers have invited us to
to create a beer and brew it with them in their facility.

The beer “CLIN D’OEIL”, an Extra Stout at 7% will be available in cask at our brouepub as of February 4th and in cans everywhere.
and in cans everywhere in February.

Here’s the scoop on what they have to say about the can label:
<Impossible to miss Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds when talking about the history of
Lagabière. This is the institution that, 16 years ago, raised our passion for beers from
microbreweries. It is by being faithful visitors and by discovering a whole world of flavours
that we started brewing beer in our garage.
It is thanks to Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds that Lagabière exists today!
This collaboration is a “Wink” to the signature malt beers of this inspiring
brewery. We brewed an “Extra Stout”, which leaves room for the expression of the
expression of the different malts, as Nicolas (aka “Bedondaine”) Bourgault does so well !

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