Double Personnalité

Alcohol : 8%

Bedondaine & Bedons Ronds
15th anniversary’s batch
(April 10th 2005)

Type : “Dubbel” inspiration (Belgium)
Eyes : amber-brown
Nose : alcohol, raisins, malt
Taste : rich and complex with sweet caramel, raisin, fig and roasted biscuit flavours and with a good presence of alcohol accompanied by a sweet bitterness

Particularity : recipe elaborated jointly with the brewer and his assistant brewer


  • Malt Pilsner/li>
  • Malt Carabelge
  • Malt Munich
  • Malt Aromatic
  • Malt Special B
  • Chocolate malt
  • Roasted wheat

  • Northern Brewer

  • Love
  • Water
  • Yeast
  • Candy Sugar

Brew created on : October 23rd, 2019

A beer that has never ceased to evolve in bipolarized contexts. It is inspired by two creators, has undergone two modes of maturation, has aged over two calendar years, has experienced the before and during pandemic and now it celebrates its unique 15th anniversary with you! Cheers!